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Diagnostic Tester.

We are equipped with the Snap-On Verus-Edge Diagnostic Scanner.

We retrieve the error / fault codes stored by the electronic control units (ECU's), run live data tests to check to see if the fault is current or intermittent. We then test the faulty component and replace if necessary . We clear the error / fault codes and run the vehicle and roadtest to check it performs ok. We then recheck for any codes to make sure all is fixed.We can then combine this with the emissions tester to make sure the vehicle  is running efficiently. We can activate electronic solenoids and valves to check that they are working and moving correctly and that the fault is not within the wiring loom or ecu.

We have the latest software and specific leads to connect to and communicate with most UK market vehicles from approx 1990 - 2017.

We constantly update the scanner software  as new software becomes available thus allowing us to keep up with the new models being continuously released.

Most modern vehicles require the use of a scanner to simply reset service lights or messages on the dashboard, changing brake parts can require a scanner to allow this operation because of complex ABS systems and electronic handbrakes systems used , our scanner has the ability to do these types of operations.

We carry out an Diagnostic ( OBD / OBDII ) Health Check as part of a service on all compliant vehicles. Any faults are logged and a report / printout is then given to the customer. We wil also carry this out at the customers request at anytime for a small nominal fee.

The automotive world is advancing fast and this type of new scanner equipment will help us keep pace with these advances now and into the future.

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